Maiku Brando Face Mask, Nyan Pattern, Indigo $25.00

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Country of Origin: Vancouver, Canada


Materials:  Outer layer: 100% Organic 300 Thread Count Cotton. Ecologically hand dyed and screen printed using water-based ink. 
• Outer layer: 100% Organic cotton (GOTS certified), 300 thread count - outstanding feel, looks and filtration.
• NEW inner layer: highest-quality kimono-liner cotton from Osaka, Japan - for a natural feel, great wicking, breathability, and comfort.
• NEW filter: mask has an internal filter pocket and comes with a washable, 2-layer, organic cotton filter - turn your 2-layer mask into a 4-layer mask.
• Adaptive fit: 3D folded form and NEW length adjustable ear loops, will fit a diversity of faces. 
• Washable: Reusable, again and again - it just gets better.
• Original graphics: Maiku Brando original designs, handmade with environment and body-friendly materials.

Why is it Special?

A mask worthy of your face - hand dyed, hand printed, and hand sewn in Vancouver. 

Breathable and comfortable, with self-adjusting ear loops that adapt to you. Environment and body-friendly materials. Wash it over and over again; it just gets better. Custom-designed graphics so you hold on to your edge. Non-medical mask has internal pouch for optional 3rd filter layer.

A design practice based in Vancouver, MAIKU BRANDO explores the design of objects using old and new ways of making.

Maiku Brando is playful, but cares deeply about how materials are mindfully prepared and constructed to make meaningful objects for every day use.

Their atelier is home to an array of sewing machines; digital input and output devices; and computers running experimental design algorithms. But it's also home to vats of fermenting indigo dye; tools for ancient Japanese printing techniques; reams of vellum, trace and other papers - and tape... they have so many different types of tape.

New works and collections are always in development. Follow them on instagram to learn more!