Tafui Design BOGO PRINT $49.00

Country of Origin: Vancouver, Canada

Designer: Tafui

Materials: Ink, 100% cotton fiber, acid & lignin free.

Dimensions: PRINT SIZE: 13 X 13 inches IMAGE SIZE: 11 X 11 inches
PRINT SIZE: 17 X 22 inches IMAGE SIZE: 15 X 20 inches

Why is it Special?

Done by Tafui a Vancouver based artist & designer who's work is inspired by the fusion of cultures. There is a language of unity in her work where each symbol has a meaning. The imperfect lines & circles in Stardust print was inspired by the facial scars made by the ancient Nuba people. A simple reminder that scarring is a natural part of the healing process.

The artwork was painted with ink on paper, scanned and slightly edited achieve the best reproduction quality. It is printed on a beautiful archival matte heavyweight fine art paper. 

Tafui's work is a fusion of Nordic and Japanese minimalism with the hand made aesthetic of reverse painting of the Banana people . This piece in particular was heavily inspired by the ancient textile art form called Bogolanfini. It is reflected in the use of colour and the geometric shapes. This print began as abstract painting by Tafui. It was then scanned and slightly edited to achieve the best reproduction quality. 

PRINT SIZE: 13 X 13 inches
IMAGE SIZE: 11 X 11 inches

17 X 22 inches
IMAGE SIZE: 15 X 20 inches

PAPER: 100% cotton fiber, acid & lignin free.

FRAMING: The art print is sold unframed


Prints will be shipped flat in a ridged protective package.