iittala Essence Tumbler Set/2 Moss Green $80.00 Regular price $100.00

Country of Origin: Finland

Designer: Alfredo Häberli

Manufacturer: Iittala

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 35cl

Why is it Special?

Iittala Essence is part of an uncomplicated and contemporary glassware collection designed by Alfredo Häberli for Iittala. The idea behind the Essence line was to create a set that would allow for drinking a full range of fine wines with as few glasses as possible. Highly functional, each Iittala Essence glass has the same size base and stem, creating a beautifully harmonized aesthetic.

Essence tumblers, measuring 35 cl in capacity and sold in a set of two, are a perfect addition to Iittala’s Essence glass collection. Designed by Alfredo Häberli, the idea of Essence glassware collection is to simplify the wide range of wine and beer glasses into a few essential, versatile glasses. The Essence collection has won the iF Design Award and Les Découvertes Award.