woud Stedge Shelf 80 cm white pigmented lacquered oak $713.15 Regular price $839.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Leonard Aldenhoff

Manufacturer: Woud

Material: Solid white pigmented oak shelves, painted metal wire

Length: 80 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Height (Long wire): 120 cm
Height (Short wire): 77 cm
Shelf: 2 cm (at its thickest)
Space between shelves: 40 cm

Why is it Special?

Stedge is all about lightness, purism and a clear structure. The subtle design is an optical illusion as the solid shelves seem to hang by a thread. With its light expression and fine edges, Stedge will be a perfect match for any room. Extend the shelving system with more shelves and choose either a long or short top wire to make it a perfect fit on your wall. Available in two widths.

Designed by Leonard Aldenhoff, a talented designer born in Germany. His background as a trained industrial mechanic and industrial designer combines know-how, creativity and aesthetics. Inspired by technical and geometrical precision his work shows a design characterized by clear forms and selected materials.