&Tradition Blown Pendant, SW4 SIlver $641.00

Designer: Samuel Wilkinson

Manufacturer: &Tradition

Material: Mouth blown glass, powder coated metal suspension, coated wire, 4m fabric cord

Dimensions: Ø: 28cm/11in, H: 28cm/11in

Why is it Special?


&Tradition’s Blown pendant light in silver casts a beautiful pattern of light in its surrounding space. Blown is Samuel Wilkinson’s study of light’s reflection and refraction in glass, taking inspiration from antique ceramics, old lamps, lighthouses and the arrangement of seeds in berries. The blown glass shade features a matte powder-coated metal suspension and a fabric cord.

While experimenting with the reflections and refraction of light, designer Samuel Wilkinson discovered a beautiful quilted effect when the light source was surrounded by patterned glass. This led to his design of the Blown series.